Teams Details

  • 2v2 / 4v4 / 6v6 – teams can be created. A person can only be involved with 1 team – uses their lineup that is active.
  • This will be utilizing Racing & PVP Mode. It will randomize which mode is played in the tournament for the week. Users will be able to see this.
  • A leaderboard is created for the season. Seasons will be split into 4 quarters of the year.
  • A tournament is automatically created each week to play out. Each day a match is established and results are displayed.
  • The teams will be tracked on wins/losses. At the end of the season the winners on top of the leaderboard will receive a reward.
  • Players can’t leave or disband a team until the season is over.
  • Storing a team logo / leader / team name.
  • The teams that are created are representing their city as well. If the winning team of the season is part of city X, that city X will receive a reward as well. This won’t be ready until our city is completed.

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