Land Utility Information

Subject to change during development of smart contract interactions. Will change accordingly.


Don’t own a land plot? No worries, here are your options in the city:

  • Entry fee to enter the city to participate in capturing WILD Gnomes & interact with land bonuses.
  • Visiting other peoples land.
  • Spinning/interacting with their land plot – you must click on it. This will give you GNOKEN (at the moment funded by GNO City Shops and NOT the DAO). The value will be determined by the total amount of GNOKEN we have in the pool at the time.
  • Capturing Gnomes/NFTs on other peoples land.
  • Building more nets to capture Gnomes/NFTs on other peoples land – this will REQUIRE resources (Brick, Wood & Steel).
  • Staking your home on someone’s land for increase vehicle advantage in RACING and future utility with HOMES. You will pay a fee in GNOKEN to the land owner (they decide their price).

Land Owners Guide

You own a land plot, what is next? You’ll submit your land into our smart contract deciding the zone for your land (commercial or residential). We will establish (at random) your coordinates for your land. Your coordinates cannot be changed. This should be ready in 1-2 weeks after initial land sale.


Your land will have a level to it. All initial lands are starting at Lvl 1. The more people spinning on your land will increase the level of your land. As your level increases on your land you will have future upgrades. For example an increase amount of homes stake-able on your land. It would be your best interest to “promote” your land as the place to be.


As commercial land owner you will get to create workers for your Gnomes. Ex – Series II card has a leaf, you can STAKE that character (if you wish) to be a worker on your land. The leaf would represent it can “FARM”. Farming will allow you to build food/health over time.

Different business options will be made available over time.

There is a mechanic that will be created that will prevent “WHALES” and to prevent the avoidance of health collection from being “DEVALUED”. Each trait for each character will have different functions.

Land owners will be rewarded in GNOKEN as people visit the land and spin.


As residential land owner you will gain rewards if someone is on your land capturing Gnomes (they must capture a gnome). Users can visit your land and spin a marker. Both users will be rewarded as well. People can stake their homes on your land. This will allow them to have more races etc. Land owner can charge in GNOKEN how much it will cost to have their home on your land. This fee is set by the land owner. You can charge X amount of GNOKEN. This is a one time charge.

Land owners will be rewarded in GNOKEN as people visit the land and spin. Land owners will be rewarded in GNOKEN for allowing a user to stake their home on their residential plots.

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