Land Pre-sale Information & Whitelisting

Pre-sale OF LAND OWNERSHIP will start on November 23rd, 2021.


The information below is subject to change base off of conversations with the development team and potential DAO integrations.

Land rewards and more?

The ownership of land in any NFT game is known to bring long-term value. GNO City has done extensive research on different aspects on how to make land fun and make endless possibilities. Metaverses are being built every day. Unfortunately some of these games do pre-sales on lands and have little to no utility when launching. GNO City wants to make a difference in the blockchain space. Not only have we hit every possible need since launching our beta, we aren’t stopping the development, we know the growth of our game is within the community.

The outline below brings the utility aspect of how the land will be beneficial to the owners. The key here is not to flood the market with a bunch of land plots, but we know some users will purchase 2 lands so they can have residential or commercial land. Our round 2 whitelisting will allow us to gauged the interest of land and determine the amount to drop for the current starting phase of our land.

Land will be the foundation of growing our city and our graphical portion of the game.

Do I need multiple land plots?

Land has 2 purposes. You can claim your land to be residential or commercial.

Benefits of residential land owners?

As residential land owner you will gain rewards if someone is on your land capturing Gnomes (they must capture a gnome). Users can visit your land and spin a marker. Both users will be rewarded as well. People can stake their homes on your land. This will allow them to have more races etc. Land owner can charge in GNOKEN how much it will cost to have their home on your land.

Land owners will be rewarded in GNOKEN and home owners can be rewarded in GNOKEN.

Benefits of commercial land owners?

As commercial land owner you will get to create workers for your Gnomes. Ex – Series II card has a leaf, you can STAKE that character (if you wish) to be a worker on your land. The leaf would represent it can “FARM”. Farming will allow you to build food/health over time.

Different business options will be made available over time.

There is a mechanic that will be created that will prevent “WHALES” and to prevent the avoidance of health collection from being “DEVALUED”. Each trait for each character will have different functions.

Land owners will be rewarded in GNOKEN.

GNOKEN features in the city?

If the DAO wants to create a GNOKEN feature within the city the possibilities are endless (some examples that can happen NOT INFLUENCING):

  • Daily GNOKEN ticket entry into the city.
  • GNOKEN for land owners. (If DAO doesn’t, I have plenty of GNOKEN from the Shop to spread the wealth).
  • GNOKEN for homes on land. (If DAO doesn’t, I have plenty of GNOKEN from the Shop to spread the wealth).

How do I get whitelisted?

Round 1 of whitelisting was completed. These people will be added to a whitelist that will GUARANTEE a piece of a land. The list can be found here.

Round 2 of whitelisting is in progress. These people will be added to a whitelist that have a CHANCE on a piece of land (NOT GUARANTEED). Round 2 of whitelisting will be completed by the following:

  • Login to
  • Visit the GNOKEN shop on the Dash Cell.
  • Purchase a Land Whitelist NFT with GNOKEN (5,000 GNOKEN). If you don’t have any GNOKEN you can get some on Alcor. This doesn’t GUARANTEE any land on DROP. This will put you in a whitelisting for a chance at land.

Land utility launch date?

We hope to have everything cleaned up and allow land owners to assign their latitude and longitude (random) ASAP. The utility behind your land will launch when we open the city. This can be completed in December-January. The city is almost ready to go, we are connecting blockchain and adding a few other features before we launch.

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