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GNO City Consumables & Character Healing


GNO City Consumables are in a nutshell Food NFTs that you use to heal your characters in PVP and other aspects of GNO City in the future. 

These consumables come in various health variants: 1,5,15,25,35,50, MAX HEALTH and are distinguishable by color. These will come in various food varieties consisting of Meats, Vegetables, and Desserts. There will be more utility on these in the future beyond just  PVP.


To acquire GNO City consumables there are 2 options currently… First being from the GNO City Consumables Pack Drop. The first pack drop consisted of 25  Food NFT’s for $1.50 USD. This pack consisted of all rarities available within the pack at decreasing odds as you move in rarity for obvious reasons. If the pack drop is sold out there are other options have no fear… no really its not that serious, your gnomes and characters heal over time. But… if you are impatient then you can head over to the AtomicHub secondary market. Search for Collection GNO City Consumables and you can either search for a specific rarity , sort by lowest price, newest listing etc. Packs are typically also available on the secondary market and can be filtered in the Schema drop down box. 


To apply your food NFT to your desired character , simply head over to the GNO City Dashboard and on the far left you’ll see HEALTH CENTER. Click that button. Next you will see all your consumables load up. If you have a lot I recommend typing in one type such as: chicken for ex. to shorten the list and search. Next select the desired food you want to use in healing your character. Then scroll down past the consumables and you will see your NFT’s that require healing. This typically will show any that have been used in PVP and are above level 1 first. Beyond that it will show all available assets, due to the fact any level 0 character has 0 health.


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