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Dashboard / Dash Cell


The dashboard of is located as the top icon in the side menu. The dashboard is a section of the app that dynamically reports important pieces of data directly from the DAPP. The dashboard in GNO City consists of the following parts,  


The hub is the page that’s open by default when you enter your dashboard. The hub collects all of your personal GNO City game data and displays it for you to view at any given time. This data includes your in-game level, health, energy, power, intelligence, agility, endurance, respect, hourly exp, PVP exp bonus, PVP wins and PVP losses. 


This is coming in Phase 2 – but there will be areas for you to see what was newly added to the city portion of the game.


This portion of the DAPP allows you to stay up-to-date with GNO City news and updates. Its shows you what’s to come and what’s trending within the DAPP including How-to and future developments.


The leaderboard shows the current rankings of players within The leaderboard of consists of multiple sections, these sections being, 

  • Most wins- will show the accounts with the most wins within the game. 
  • Biggest loser- will show the players with the most losses. 
  • Highest level- will show the cards that have the highest level of exp within the DAPP.


This section shows you tabs of available collections from GNO City and any partner collections from within the DAPP including, Gnome Series, Complex Series, GNO City Consumables, Builders Block etc. You can click on any collection to view on AtomicHub directly and view collection details within atomic hub.


This section shows different promotions from within the game such as high score challenges, different types of competitions, limited time offers and more.

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