How do Tournaments Work?

How does it read my line up for tournaments?

Your active PvP and Racing lineup will be read. All comparisons are active when tournaments reading your lineup. It will compare health weight. It will not DECREASE your health, but is an active comparison.


Example of a match breakdown:

We have 4 members in X-team and 4 members in Y-team

If the type of match is PvP, then 4 fighting sub-matches will happen, where each member participates once

In each of those sub matches the weights score is calculated between randomly chosen cards from lineup.

Then the total sum of scores from players of Team-X is compared with total scores of Team-Y and the winner team is determined.

Teams will earn 1 point for each victory in sub match. Then number of victories determines the winner; Otherwise it might be situation where team has won 3 of 4 sub matches, but still lost the match.

Do we earn any GNOKEN with tournament?

Winners of the season do! No GNOKEN is earned in each match. The total amount of GNOKEN for each season bracket is distributed at the end of a season to 1st place. We have plans to add more prizes for top 3 etc. Season 1 will only have first place for each bracket.

So for the tournament, we need to constantly keep our active characters health high?

Health is a comparison factor. But you will NOT lose any health if that character enters a tournament match.

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